She Gives the Best Years of Her Life

Time really flies. We are slowly aging. My wife kept telling me she has aged. I think this should be common with you guys too. I tell her she is still as pretty as before every time. “No, you are not older.” “No, you are not fatter.” “No, your backside is not bigger.” “No, your hands are still as smooth.” On the other hand, I find her more and more beautiful as years pass. She is the woman who shares my happiness and sorrows, she is my mental pillar and my best friend. She sacrifices unselfishly and I also don’t give her the best of things. Sometimes, I look at her and wonder what i have done to deserve this love. Maybe i have done some good things in my previous lives. She gives the best years of her life to me. I hope I’m the man who make those years the best.

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