Original Wakefulness

“If you spend your entire life in spiritual activities within this kind of state, in which the thinker and the object of thought are an undivided Unity, there is not a single doubt that you will capture the “Stronghold of Non-regression”in this very life !

Wherever the person stays who has abandoned all activities,that very place is the Buddhafield.

If you can supplicate without duplicity, all that appears and
exists is then the Guru’s Mandala.

As soon as you cut the root of the Demon Ego-Clinging,you are permanently free from obstacle, misfortunes and Mara.

The moment you understand that the Guru is indivisible from
your own Mind, the falsehood of seeming meeting and
separation spontaneously collapses.

Once you resolve that Samsara and Nirvana are the display of Awareness, who is there to experience the pain of any lower realm?

When realizing that your Natural Awareness is the primordially free Dharmakaya, what is the point of entertaining hopes and fears about the paths and bhumis?

In the meeting of the already acquainted Mother and Child Luminosities, what is the use of fearing the collapse of the illusory body?

When dying, die within the primordially pure space of Luminosity!

While alive, there is nothing more important than training inmeditation with unflagging constancy!

You may compare all the sutras, tantras and oral instructions,but the essence of Realization is nothing other than this!

The ultimate and essential heart advice is precisely this!
And my last words at Death are also none other than this!
All worthy ones who are devoted to me, don’t pay lip-service to this, but assimilate its meaning!
The experience of Original Wakefulness will then dawn from within your hearts, and you will arrive at Buddhahood in a single instant!

By whatever merit which might arise from this advice, may all my old mothers, sentient beings filling all of space, be Liberated! Mangalam.”


Excerpt from:

Translated by Erik Pema Kunsang

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