The ten virtues of the lay-follower

The ten virtues of the lay-follower

These ten, Great King, are the virtues of the lay-follower:

1. He shares the joys and sorrows of the Order;
2. He places the Dhamma first;
3. He enjoys giving according to his ability;
4. If he sees a decline in the Dispensation of the Teaching of the Buddha, he strives for its strong growth;
5. He has right views, disregarding belief in superstitions and omens; he will not accept any other teacher, not even for the sake of his life;
6. He guards his deeds and words;
7. He loves and cherishes peace and concord;
8. He is not envious or jealous;
9. He does not live a Buddhist life by way of deception or hypocrisy;
10. He has gone for refuge to the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha.

Milindapanh, Chapter IV

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