Persistent shifting of this world and all phenomena.

“We have a tendency to think that after we die, the world will go on. The same sun will shine and the same planets will rotate just as we think they have done since time began. Our children will inherit the earth.

This shows how ignorant we are of the persistent shifting of this world and all phenomena.

Children don’t always outlive parents, and while they are alive they don’t necessarily conform to our ideal. Your sweet little well-behaved kids can grow up into cocaine-snorting thugs who bring home all kinds of lovers. The straightest parents in the world produce some of the most flamboyant homosexuals, just as some of the most laid-back hippies end up with neoconservative children.

Yet we still cling to the archetype of the family and the dream of having our bloodlines, jaw lines, surnames, and traditions carried on through our progeny.”

~ Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche

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