We awaken, we simply awaken.

“All of your name and fame, your possessions must go sooner or later. Your body must go, your belief system must go, everything must be let go. Whether you like it or not, it will happen.

Therefore, what do you do with your time? Most of you worry about something. You look at the world situation. You look at your situation. You wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow. Why not let go of all that and work on transcending the personal self which is merely an I-thought? This should be your main goal. Never mind what’s happened up to now. You may be the happiest human being on the earth. You may be the most miserable human being on earth. They’re two sides of the same coin. As long as you are a human being it is not reality. The only thing that happens to a human being, their life keeps changing, changing, changing, consistently. There is always change going on, because this world, this universe, is not steady. It is not a solid.

No thing is solid in this universe. It is all vibrations, and the deeper you go into the vibrations, the quieter it becomes, until there’s total nothingness. The total nothingness is that substratum called consciousness, of which most of us know nothing about, for we cannot explain it, we cannot demonstrate it, we cannot know it, as long as our mind focuses on the I-thought and the personal self.

Therefore, Sages have admonished that we awaken, that we simply awaken. Yet most intelligent people cannot accept that. They believe in their senses. So the Sage has to invent a method, a way of awakening, and this is called sadhana, your spiritual practices. You learn to sit and meditate on an object. It makes you one-pointed. It causes you to concentrate. You’re given a mantra. These are only games, yet some people have to do these things.”


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