Comfortable With Feeling Groundless

The garuda soars through his life, never touching the earth. There is grace and courage in his flight. He is the epitome of a being who is able to live without clinging to solid ground. In other words, he is comfortable with feeling groundless.

For most of us, this idea seems impossible. There is an inherent paradox in being comfortable with discomfort. It is no surprise that thus far you may have treated feeling groundless as a painful experience, something you want to avoid. Our entire society is based in avoiding the uncomfortable aspects of life. If we follow the garuda’s lead and lean into them, we are taking an unconventional approach. Still, we have explored many set concepts in our journey so far, so it only makes sense to see if we can turn our contemplative mind to uncomfortable situations and see how we can face them fearlessly.

Lodro Rinzler

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