You just wake up.

We make a big fuss about awakening. The only reason I use the term like awakening, self-realization, pure awareness, is so that the disciples and the seekers can have some meat to hold onto so-to-speak. The devotees couldn’t care less about those terms. Those terms are meaningless to devotees.

When you awaken from your sleep, before you awaken, you’re having a dream. Do you say in your dream, “I have to awaken so I’m going to practice all kinds of yogas. I’m going to practice mantras and japa and pranayanas. So I can awaken.” Of course not.

When you wake up in the morning you just wake up. There is absolutely nothing you do. You didn’t plan to wake up. You didn’t outline and say to yourself, “I have to wake up in this life or next life or in the next ten minutes.” You just woke up.

Awakening to the Self is the same thing. There are no plans you have to make. There is no itinerary you have to keep. There are no yogas or meditations you have to practice. There are no teachers you have to see. You just wake up. Think about that.


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