Blessed is the person who has total happiness in this life and wants to awaken.

When you become too physically happy you do not want to go searching for truth. You’re not interested in finding the Self or reality. This is the reason sometimes certain people seem to be suffering. For in this way they come closer to reality. Whereas if they were not really suffering they’ll be out in the world doing all kinds of so-called happy things and this will be very temporary. But this is not always the case it depends on the individual.

The more you are attached to things the more you’re going to have to suffer because you will have to give them up sooner or later. Perhaps not even in this life. Remember that your experience in this particular life is only a split second in all eternity. Therefore when a person goes through experiences and you say, “Well this person’s been an evil person all their life and they’re prosperous and they’ve got everything they want and they seem to be very happy.” You are judging by appearances.

When you understand that this life that you have right now is but a split second in eternity you will realize that life is a continuum. And the pendulum has to swing back and forth. You will go so far in your happiness and then you’ll go back the other way. The only way to get out of this trap is to awaken. This is the reason you want to awaken. Blessed is the person who has total happiness in this life and wants to awaken. For most people if they had the things that they want and desire they would not go after the classes that teach you to awaken. Would not follow teachers that teach Advaita Vedanta. Very few are like that. This is why I share with you, “Do not allow this world to fool you.” Maya is very precise. Maya will always fool you. Everything you see in this world is maya. The grand illusion.
The way to handle maya is never to react to conditions. This is how you overcome maya. This is how you become free.


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