Meditate on the precious human body, death and impermanence.

Individuals who have meditation have the remedy for affliction, the basis for liberation, and the seed of buddhahood. Meditation is indispensible. However, If you have meditation focused on this life, even if you are in retreat, you will be distracted, you will have pride when you compare yourself to other meditators. The eight worldly concerns will then arise automatically.

In this way when we’re practicing any type of dharma, with attachment to this life we may say we’re dharma practitioners, but we’re not actually dharma practitioners. We’re seeming or posturing dharma practitioners. In order to stop this attachment to this life it’s extremely important to meditate on the precious human body, death and impermanence.

Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche

~ Day 1 – Teachings on The Four Freedoms from Attachment

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