Who am I, o’ venerable Sage?

A handsome young man came upon a sage in a forest. He approached him asking: “Who am I, o’ venerable Sage?”

“It all depends on the view point. For your mother and father, you are their beloved son; for the dealer you are just another source of money; for the lion you are tasty meat; for the young girls you are a handsome young man, for the other young men you are competition; for the ants you are the enemy; for your dog you are her best friend; for nothingness you are nothing; for yourself you are the most precious person; for your wife you are the beloved husband; for the earth-worms you are a future meal; for the parasites you are home and the source of food; for your business partner you are the cooperator; for the universe you are an insignificant particle; for most people you are an ordinary person; for me, my dear boy, you are my own Self.”

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