Everything is unfolding as it should.

I want to let you in on a little secret. There are no problems. There are no problems. There never were any problems, there are no problems today, and there will never be any problems. Problems just mean that the world isn’t turning the way you want it to. But in truth, there are no problems. Everything is unfolding as it should. Everything is right. You have to forget about yourself and expand your consciousness until you become the whole universe. The reality in back of the universe is pure awareness. It has no problems. And you are that. If you identify with your body, then there’s a problem, because your body always gets into trouble of some kind. But if you learn to forget about your body and your mind, where is there a problem? In other words, leave your body alone. Take just enough care of it. Exercise it a little, feed it right foods, but don’t think about it too much. Keep your mind on reality. Merge your mind with reality, and you will experience reality. You will live in a world without problems. The world may appear to have problems to others, but not to you. You will see things differently, from a higher point of view. I had an interesting phone call this week. Someone asked me, “Do self-realized people dream, or have visions?” Now, in order to have a dream or a vision, there has to be somebody left to have it, and yet if you’re self-realized, there’s nobody home. There’s no-body left. So it’s a contradiction, as truth is. All truth is a contradiction, it’s a paradox. The answer is, Sages do dream sometimes, and have visions. But they’re aware of the dreamer. In other words they realize that they are not the person dreaming or having the vision. But as long as there’s a body there someplace, there will be dreams and visions. Even though there’s no one home, there will still, once in a while, be a dream or a vision.

Robert Adams

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