You Are Buddha in the Making

I remind you that each one of you, all sentient beings, ultimately, right now, are in essence perfect, they are Buddha. The only thing is that they don’t realize this. They are not pretending to not realize, they sincerely and truly do not realize this, including me…. This way I thought to remind you about the same thing that helps me very much, by reminding myself. And I remind myself all the time, “You are not just Tai Situ, you are Buddha in the making. You are an unenlightened Buddha, a primordial Buddha. You are not as bad as you might think, but also you are not as good as you should be, very far from being as good as you should be.” So this helps me very much. This does not give me much chance to have any so-called depression, so-called stress, so-called pride or, so-called disappointment. When somebody does something terrible, I don’t like it, but then deep inside I think, why not? Because the person does not know he or she is a Buddha, then why not? When somebody does something wonderful I’m very happy. I’m very delighted. But deep inside I think, why not? He is a Buddha, she is a Buddha, so why not? This way it really benefits me personally, tremendously, and all the credit goes to my great masters because everything is because of them. So I am very happy to share this with you.

Tai Situ Rinpoche

source: “Nectar of Dharma: The Sacred Advice”. Vol. Two, pp. 41-42

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