Seven common faults of beginning Dharma practitioners

“Dear friends, on this auspicious new moon I would like to remind you of the seven common faults of beginning Dharma practitioners, please contemplate these carefully without judgement. Recognizing these faults, and letting them go is how you become more genuine.”
親愛的朋友們, 在這個新月的殊勝日, 我希望提醒你們初入佛門修持時常有的七個過失. 請放下意見, 先仔細思考. 能意識這些過失而放下它們能令你更真誠坦率.

“First, thinking that you understand everything.”
第一, 你認為自己明白及知道所有事情.

“Second, wanting to gain experience or results quickly.”
第二, 希望快速地得到體驗或得到結果.

“Third, wanting to practice everything straight away.”
第三, 希望直接修持所有東西.

“Fourth, not checking your motivation.”
第四, 不檢視自己的動機.

“Fifth, trying to read many books, but not seeing clearly the important points of Dharma.”
第五, 閱讀很多書籍但沒有清楚看到佛法的重點.

“Sixth, trying to see the faults of other practitioners, of masters, books, and so on.”
第六, 嘗試在其他法友, 上師, 書籍等等, 之中尋找錯處或過失.

“Seventh, feeling useless and without understanding, being discouraged.”
第七, 感到沒有用, 不理解, 及感到沮喪.

Kyabgon Phakchok Rinpoche

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