Overcoming Obstacles

“All obstacles are the outcome of your own actions. The arising of the obstacle is the purification of the negative karma accumulated. Therefore the obstacle is something good in terms of bringing negative karma to exhaustion. Recite Tara and Vajrasattva mantra and think that this obstacle is good because brings to an end the negative karma accumulated. If the karma would not have been accumulated, the obstacle could not arise. All obstacles, illness etc. arise from self-clinging, the mental afflictions arising from it and the karma accumulated in dependence on those afflictions. Generally, the altruistic mind that wishes to benefit others helps to eliminate any obstacle. Practice love and compassion, take on the suffering of others and exchange it for your own happiness (Tonglen). Then when you
die you will not experience difficulties. This practice is of your own
and others benefit. Study and train in the 37 Bodhisattva practices, all instructions are included within them.”

-HE Garchen Rinpoche

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