The Seven Limbs as antidotes to the afflictions

“Of these seven limbs, the first is prostration or homage, and that is the antidote to pride. The second is making offerings, and that is the antidote to attachment and greed; the third is the confession of negativities and negative deeds, and that is the antidote to mainly hatred, anger and the other afflictive emotions that arise involuntarily – when they arise and you recognize them, they can be confessed if you apply the method of confession. The fourth – rejoicing- is the antidote to jealousy and this is a very important limb because jealousy is always there but we do not notice it, and it is the cause of exhausting our merit. So the antidote to jealousy is rejoicing. The antidote to ignorance is to supplicate the Buddhas to turn the wheel of Dharma and the sixth – supplicating the Buddhas to remain – is the antidote to doubt. Sometimes people have doubts about whether the Buddha or the Three Jewels are permanent or impermanent, whether they will stay or not. In order to dispel doubts, we supplicate them not to pass into Nirvana. The seventh limb is the dedication, and that is the antidote to self-grasping.”

~ Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche
Quoted from Amitabha Teachings called Revealing the Path to Liberation, Commentary by H.E. Garchen Rinpoche, Translated by Ina Bieler.

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