The less you exist, the more bliss you feel.

“In monastic life, part of that disappearing is wearing identical robes and having the same hairstyle. We don’t have any insignia to set one monk apart from another. If I don’t stand at the head of the line, no one would know I was the senior monk. We also tend to keep quiet. Why do people talk? They talk to say, “Here I am”. By being silent we disappear and fade into the background, until hardly anyone knows we’re there, including ourselves. The more you disappear, the happier you are; the more you vanish, the more joy you experience; the less you exist, the more bliss you feel. This tells you what the Dhamma is all about. But the words count for nothing compared to the profundity of the experience.”

The Art of Disappearing: Buddha’s Path to Lasting Joy
By Ajahn Brahm

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