Begin to live your dream this very day.

“Live your dream now. What will your life be like when you have achieved your most deeply held dreams? Let’s take a look at how you can start living your dreams this very day.

Do you have a dream, a vision of the life you wish to live? How specific is that dream? How clear is that vision? How do you intend to reach it? What obstacles stand in your way? To reach that dream you have to see yourself reaching it. See yourself beyond your present circumstances. See that you will change those circumstances. See yourself beyond the challenges and you will overcome those challenges.

Begin to live your dream this very day. Dress like you would dress. Speak like you would speak. Walk like you would walk if the goal were already achieved. Practice the skills you will use when you have arrived at your goal. Act as if it is yours. And soon it will be. See it clearly, specifically, to the point where your moment to moment life becomes your dream. When your life becomes your dream, then your dream will be a very real, lasting part of your life. You have GREATNESS within you!!”

Les Brown

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