Sarah McLachlan – Angel

Imagine sitting by the seaside, on a casual plastic chair of a rustic beach pub, with sands beneath your sandals and clear sky above you. You hear waves lapping gently against the shore. You see the reflection of the moon in the sea, stars glittering above and small boats slowly passing by. Scent of the sea and bbq chicken wings fill the air. You hold a mug of cheap cold beer in your hand, and feel the warmth of loved one by your side. Then, the beach pub plays this song.

Such a place existed many years ago. It was called Fisherman Village, at Elias Park, in Pasir Ris.

Van Gogh – Starry Night Over the Rhone

All these happened, and that was the song that night. I have been trying to recall the song. I am so happy I found it tonight.

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