Analytical Meditation

“What do you do when you get up at 3:30?

DALAI LAMA: I sleep. (Laughter) Meditation.

SEVERSON: Meditation.

DALAI LAMA: Meditation. Sometimes meditation with a little sleep. Otherwise, from 3:30 and around 8:30 or 9.

SEVERSON: Five hours?

DALAI LAMA: Including my breakfast. Otherwise, this is some prayer; mainly, it’s the analytic — analytical meditation as I mentioned earlier, analyze, think, think, think.

SEVERSON: The Buddhists call it analytical meditation.

DALAI LAMA: Analyze what thought or emotion is beneficial, what is harmful. Analyze clearly, then find out the contradictions among these different kinds of emotions or thoughts. Then once we realize now this emotion, such as hatred, is very bad, very harmful, very harmful for health, very harmful for mental peace and also is harmful to the society. Then find out what is opposite or thought: love, love and kindness, compassion.”

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