Idle Talk

In this degenerate time, because of their unruly minds, many people are involved in idle talk, gossiping about the world. This may include divisive speech that separates friends, families or groups. It may include harsh words or lies. Harsh words can cut another’s heart into pieces and create karma with negative results for the future…

Most conversations do not have much meaning and are only a waste of time. When you engage in conversation, use pleasant words and spend the right amount of time expressing yourself. Communicate the point precisely and say things with a kind heart to benefit others. When you look at other beings, gaze with loving-kindness and compassion. Think, “Whether these are positive or negative circumstances, by depending on these sentient beings, I have a great opportunity to develop my bodhisattva qualities. They are helping me purify all my negative, childish obscurations and quickly attain enlightenment.” We have to investigate things carefully. If you have studied Dharma well, you will have the skill to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Otherwise, you may be deceived. So pay no attention to what people say about you, good or bad. Protect your mind by practicing Dharma.

A Complete Guide to the Buddhist Path p100
Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen

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