The Man with a 30 Second Memory.

The man with a 30 second memory. I think, in a way, he fully experiences life in the present, without shackles of the past or future, and experiences “death” and “rebirth” many times each day.

This reminds me on an interpretation of rebirth.

“Another explanation championed by Buddhadasa, Thailand’s most revered monk, is that rebirth in a series of physical bodies is “conventional talk” to make the subject understandable for the masses, but in “Dharma talk” what the Buddha really meant was that each life was the arising of the ego in the mind. So we experience “death” and “rebirth” (of the ego) many times each day. Similarly, the six realms of existence all correspond to states of mind. In the same way, the cause and effect of karma can be observed in our own mental states – when we do good deeds it results in a wholesome mental state, when we do bad deeds, we experience unwholesome mental states.”

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