The Rocking Armchair and Footstool

This morning I wanted to discard a rocking armchair with footstool to make space. It is a comfortable armchair which you can rock, spin around and even incline. Though a bit worn out, it is still working well. As Bond grew older and we bought more and more toys, the house is getting tight in some rooms. I have wanted to discard it a few times previously. But each time, my wife cannot bear to part with it. She is a sentimental person with things, aka sentimental hoarder.

I put it near our door and went to do some chores. Silence. I wondered what was Sharon doing. I went to the door and saw her sticking large pieces of paper notes on the armchair and footstool, on both notes she wrote in English and Chinese “Love it, Take it”, hoping it will go to someone who wants it, or a needy family. We usually do this to functional things we want to discard.

I pushed it into the lift and brought it downstairs. Bond wanted to help. He helped to push the other end of the armchair with all the strength in his three year old muscles.

The door opened. The cleaner lady was at the lift lobby. She asked if we are throwing it. I told her, it’s working great and asked if she wanted it. She said yes and together we pushed it to a corner so she can bring it home later. I showed her how to use the armchair and passed her the two Allen keys that came with it. The armchair and footstool found a good home. I am sure she can put it to good use till the end of it’s product life. She is happy. We are very happy.

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