8 Kinds of Silence in Dharma Practice


8 Kinds of Silence in Dharma Practice:

1-Silence of the body – avoid the allurement of violation.
2- Silence of the speech -free from mindless rhetorical diversion.
3- Silence of the mind, reside in the non-dualistic primordial awareness.
4- Silence of sense-gratification, set yourself free from the conceptual fixation of pure and impure experiences, free of conflict.
5- Silence of transmission, do not offer instruction to people who are unsuited for such teaching, enabling you to receive the blessing of the lineage.
6- Silence of behaviour, act unpretentiously and without deceit.
7- Silence of experience, do not form attachment with your experience, and do not elaborate your encounters to others. Thus, enabling you to attain full enlightenment in this lifetime.
8- Silence of realisation, do not cling to mundane longing and reside in the calm abiding of non-duality. Thus, enabling you to be free from the bondage of samsara in the moment of realisation.

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