Just observe the world, leave it alone.

As you become spiritually mature, you become humble, filled with humility and love and you smile at the world, you understand its nature as maya. Its constant change. You no longer hate the world nor love the world. Just observe the world, leave it alone. You stop debating with people, arguing with people, trying to prove points. You just leave everything alone and leave everybody alone and you’re at peace with yourself and the world.

This happens automatically when you take refuge in the Self, in the heart. In other words your job is not to look for peace, for harmony, for justice, for love, for these are fleeting things in this world. Your work is to take refuge in the heart, in the Self. Then these verities come by themselves. In other words you become a living example, a living embodiment of consciousness, of divine love, of peace. Whereas if you just look for peace and harmony in this world, you’re doing something external and you’ll never really find it.

Robert Adams

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