The ten Dharmas to help us liberate from Samsara.


1 One must know that nature of external and internal phenomena are nothing but illusion.

2 One must know that by understanding the egoless nature of one’s mind through intellectual examination, it is possible to recognize the empty nature of the world too; but true nature of emptiness is realized only through meditation.

3 One must know that whatever arises between mind and phenomena is insubstantial, and interactions are never fixed or permanent.

4 Knowing that body is the composed of the five elements which at death, returns to their original state.

5 One must know that undeniable truth of the law of Karma is the cause of our suffering.

6 One must know that nature of Samsara is suffering. This helps ones to develop and attitude of renunciation of Samsara.

7 One must know that the desire to be attached to temporary pleasures is the root of suffering.

8 One must know that working for fame and popularity should be understood as obstacles in the practice of the Dharma.

9 One must know that whoever appears as one’s enemies must be understood as one’s friends. Because, it gives one the opportunity to practice the patience and compassion. By doing so, one is not giving the reaction of aggression to aggression.

10 One should understand the equality of of all beings because all beings posses Tathagata, the enlightened potential.

These are the ten Dharmas to help us from liberating from Samsara.


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