Questions to answer before taking initiation

After spending a considerable amount of time with your prospective guru, the following is a list of questions you should ask yourself before you finally decide whether to take initiation: 
▪️How much is this guru really generating bodhichitta within me? 
▪️How much of this guru’s influence and teaching is turning my non-virtuous thoughts and actions into virtuous thoughts and actions? 
▪️How much of this guru’s teaching and manifestation is managing to turn my virtuous action into the path of liberation? 
▪️How much of this guru’s manifestation is helping me realize the union of compassion and emptiness? 
▪️How much is this guru’s presence and influence making me less interested in worldly endeavors and glory? 
▪️To what extent are this guru’s teachings making me nonsectarian? 
▪️How much is this guru’s teaching generating in me devotion to the Buddha? 
▪️How much is this guru’s teaching making me fastidious when it comes to not harming other sentient beings? 
▪️How much of this guru’s teaching makes me value devotion to the guru, triple gems, and karma? 
▪️How much does this guru’s teaching make me appreciate other students who have other good teachers?

~Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche
(The Guru Drinks Bourbon?)

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