The world of samsara is like this.

“If it really belonged to us it would have to obey us. If it doesn’t obey us that means it’s only a deception. Don’t fall for it….Whether the mind is happy or sad, don’t fall for it. Whether the mind loves or hates, don’t fall for it, it’s all a deception. Have any of you been angry? When you are angry does it feel good or bad? If it feels bad then why don’t you throw that feeling away? Why bother to keep it? How can you say you are wise & intelligent when you hold onto such things? Since the day you were born, how many times has the mind tricked you into anger? Some days the mind can even cause a whole family to quarrel, or cause you to cry all night. And yet we still continue to get angry, we still hold onto things & suffer. If you don’t see suffering, you will have to keep suffering indefinitely, with no chance for respite. The world of samsara is like this. If we know the way it is, we can solve the problem.”

~Ajahn Chah

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